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Copia di Coin acceptor for domestic washing machines

Coin acceptor for domestic washing machines

Product code: SC707065
Vat excluded

For an appropriate use of the washing machine of your B&B by the customers you can install an electronic coin acceptor that will activate the washing machine.

The customer will insert the defined quantity of coins into the coin acceptor  (euro coins) and the washing machine will be operated for a certain time (eg 2 hours).

No more waste and you can recover the costs of water, energy ... and the machine itself. Connection is very simple, there is no need to call the electrician!


The Box is made in steel with drawer closed with key, ready for use.

- It can be applied to any old or new domestic washing machine that does not absorb more than 2KW -

- Multi- euro coins acceptor with display (shows credit and remaining time)

- Continuous load 8A, max 10A. For higher loads choose the "coin acceptor for dryer" model.

- Connecting cables, one to the washer, the other to the main power supply

- The connection with the washing machine takes place in a closed box with Mammuth clamps

- Front drawer  locked with safety key

- Cycle counter function (lets you know how much the coin acceptor has collected).

- The coin acceptor does not give change.

- Dimensions LxWxH 9.5x18.3x25.5 cm

- Very simple assembly, no need to call the electrician

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